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B-747-400 Captains - Rated Only


Type Rated Candidates

  • Max Age Less than 60 at time of Interview
  • Valid ICAO ATPL with valid B-747-400/800 Type Rating
  • 7,000 hours Total Flight Time
  • 5,000 hours on Multi-Crew Jet
  • 2,500 hours PIC on Multi-Crew Jet
  • 1,000 PIC Hours on B-747-400/800 (F/O time on type may be considered as PIC time at a ratio of 2 to 1, up to a maximum of 500 hours PIC time. i.e., 1,000 hrs F/O time = 500 hrs PIC)
  • Operated on Type as PIC within the past 1 year


  • Operated on Type within 2 years if current on any other Multi Crew jet transport
  • 4 Year First Officer Airline Experience (regardless of Jet Hours)
  • High School Diploma
  • No History of Accidents / Incidents
  • Company: Korean Air
  • Position: Captain

Job Details, Requirements, and Compensation

Please contact Wayland Johnson at or +1.540.737.4600 for more information.

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