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A-320 Captain

Your regular pay (which includes monthly base fee, flight pay and sector pay) shall be as follows according below and shall commence after Pilot is released from (passes) his/her initial line check. Pay shall be pro-rated for partial months of service. Captain Base Fee $4,600.00 (USD)   With OT and Sector Pay USD$12,000-$15,000 a month     Flight Pay (USD)$65/flight hour Sector Pay (USD) $35/Sector 1SCHEDULING / ROTATION Pilot shall have the choice of two scheduling options: OPTION 1: NON-COMMUTING CONTRACT: The Pilot shall be granted a minimum of eight (8) days off per month or more if required by the governing authority under which the Pilots will operate. OPTION 2: COMMUTING CONTRACT: The Pilot shall be granted a minimum of two (2) calendar weeks OFF following six (6) calendar weeks of duty. The first rotation shall commence after the issuance of Pilot’s CAAV license ACCOMMODATION VietJet shall provide Pilot with housing accommodations upon Pilot’s initial arrival into Ho Chi Minh City or other location specified by VietJet to begin their Term of Service for up to ten (10) days regardless of whether Pilot successfully completes and passes their Vietnamese Certification Simulator Check-ride as specified in Article 4, Item B, (i) above. Upon receiving their Vietnamese Civil Aviation Airman Certification, Pilot shall be responsible to pay for their own accommodations and transportation in Ho Chi Minh City. VIETJET will provide hotel accommodations for Pilot at no cost to the Pilot or Paramount during the course of travel as a Crewmember at all layovers away from base. GROUND TRANSPORTATION VietJet shall provide transportation for Pilot away from the Base and between airports and hotels in performance of flight operation duties. PER DIEM Pilot shall be entitled to per diem in accordance with VietJet company policy. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Captains Hold a current and valid FAA/JAA/ICAO ATPL with an A-320 type rating (no limitations). Currency requires a line flight, check ride or proficiency check, either in the aircraft or in a certified simulator within the previous calendar year from the commencement of Pilot’s duty to VietJet. Hold a valid medical Class 1 Medical Certificate issued by an ICAO member state. Be age 60 or younger for males / 55 our younger for females. Total flight time: 4,000 hrs., including A-320 PIC Time:500 hrs. Has flown in the A-320 within the previous 12 months before the commencement of your Term of Service. ICAO English Level IV or Greater No history of accidents or incidents. Pilot will provide a “No Incident” letter. Each Pilot should be able to complete the assignment period and if possible, should be available for extensions. Be able to hold an appropriate visa to the countries that VietJet operates to. VietJet may change the above requirements. ***Initial Sim Check - Pilot will be reimbursed for an economy class one-way airline ticket from the Pilot’s home or point of origin and the SIM screening location as designated by VIETJET if Pilot passes the SIM screening and immediately reports for duty to VIETJET.*** PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE IF YOU CANNOT JOIN THE AIRLINE IMMEDIATELY AFTER SUCCESSFUL SIM CHECK.
  • Company: VietJet Air
  • Position: Captain

Please contact Mac Baird at or +1.540.737.4600 for more information.

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