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B-737NG Captains

B-737NG Captains Ethiopian Airlines Immediately 1 Year contract with Rotation. Terms and Conditions: Age up to 60 years old. Qualifications: Must hold a current and valid JAA/FAA or ICAO ATPL/CPL Licenses A current B737NG type rating Minimum Flight time: 3500 hours jet time 2500 hours Pilot in command on jet aircraft Command time in excess of 500 hours on B737NG Note: Applicants must be current and qualified i.e. within three months of their last proficiency check. They must have two years valid passport, current and valid medical, no history of accidents or incidents and must have excellent standard of English language. Term: One year and subject to extension MONTHLY SALARY $7,000 HOUSING ALLWOANCE - $1,250.00 PER DIEM -$60.00/DAY $1,200.00 Month OVER TIME IF You WORK 20 HOURS ABOVE 80 IT WILL BE 20 * 87.5 = $1,750.00 THE TOTAL WILL BE APPROXIMATELY = $11,200.00 10% of cumulative six monthly salary for those employees who successfully serviced ET for full six month after employment. (eg. Monthly Salary x 10% x 6 months) Payment every six month. Note - if an employee fails to serve ET to full six month there will not be such payment. One month salary as a bonus after three years� service and thereafter every year. Flight Duty: Per Diem: A daily per diem allowance of USD $60.00. This per diem will not be paid whole on confirmed days off and sick leave. Hourly flight Pay: N/A Paid Vacation: Fourteen (14) days per annum, if leave is not used by end of contract the personnel will be paid at 1.25 rate per day. Accommodation: Hotel accommodation will be provided by Ethiopian for 30 days from start of contract. Thereafter an allowance of USD $1,250.00 per month will be paid. The accommodation allowance may be paid in equivalent Ethiopian Birr per the exchange rate issued by the Ethiopian Treasury Department. Single room hotel accommodation at layover stations other than Addis Ababa, Such hotel accommodation shall be compatible with Ethiopian�s current standards for its equivalent personnel. Uniform: Provided by Ethiopian and will be returned at the end of the contract Insurance: Medical & Personal Accident Insurance provided by Ethiopian Flights: Confirmed Business Class Seats anywhere on Ethiopian Airlines network to Addis Ababa at the start of contract and on completion of contract. In addition for guaranteed days off they will be provided with either a Business Class seat, if not available Economy Class seat or finally a Jump seat, free of charge anywhere on the Ethiopian Airlines Network. Rotation: 20 days on 10 days off. Ground Transportation Suitable ground transportation to and from airfields at designate base operation.
  • Company: Ethiopian Airlines
  • Position: Captain

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Please contact Mac Baird at or +1.540.737.4600 for more information.

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